I truly can’t wait to tell you about the last two days. We had a wonderful event in Vienna on Saturday and a wonderful event in Budapest on Sunday. Angie and I traveled by train to Budapest and even missed our train stop due to some miscommunication—but we prayed for a nice person who spoke English to help us at the next stop. God led us right to this wonderful man in a tourist office who allowed us to use his phone for 70 forint (the Hungarian form of money) a minute which is about .35/minute! He even dialed it for me so I didn’t have to figure out the Hungarian phone booth. Thank you, God. Luckily we were only about 15 minutes further than we were supposed to get off so our ride was able to arrive quickly.

It’s 4:30am here and we are heading to the airport. We first fly to Amsterdam where we have a one hour layover and then directly to Chicago!

I have pictures and stories to share—but for now I have to sign off and head out the door (if I can figure out how to sign off…it’s wierd to see Blogger instructions in Hungarian!)

Thank you for your prayers…keep praying today for safe travel and I’ll post as soon as I can! We’re heading home on less than four hours sleep so I’m praying that we’ll both be able to sleep on the plane!

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