This week is a unique week for the Savage family. As I shared last week, today, Erica, Anne, and I along with two Hearts at Home team members are traveling to El Salvador with Compassion, International. As you read this we will most likely be en route somewhere along the way. We will be gone May 11-16.

On Wednesday, our son, Evan, turn 21—Happy Birthday, Evan! Then on Thursday, Evan, his fiance Julie, and a team of 120 college students will head to Romania for a mission trip to minister to the gypsy population. They will be gone May 15-26.

For two days, Mark and our two boys will be the only ones in our family of seven in the United States!

I plan to blog daily if possible, assuming that with electric converters my laptop works and I’m able to get on the internet at the hotel. I’m told all should work, but please pray that it does!

I’m reading an incredible book right now and in no way do I think it’s coincidental that I picked it up four days before this trip. The book is Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren. If you are ready to be challenged and stretched get yourself a copy and read it along with me. My friend MarLo said after reading the book, “That book changed my life. I can’t quit thinking about the things she wrote.” I’m finding that as well.

I would appreciate your prayer partnership over the next few weeks both for my girls and I and for Evan and his team:

  • Please pray for divine appointments, not only on the mission field, but on the airplane, sitting in airports, and wherever God wants to connect the dots of lives.
  • Please pray for the language barriers to be overcome and that the language of love will always be understood.
  • Please pray for health—especially in these “don’t drink the water” places we will be.
  • Please pray for our family at home: Anne’s husband, Matt, my husband Mark and our two boys Austin and Kolya. Please pray that we will be sensitive to God’s spirit each and every step of the way.

Thank you in advance! I’m ready to watch God work and I hope you are too!

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