“Honey, you won’t believe this! One of the stores I install countertops for made the quartz kitchen counters wrong for this job I’m doing. The thing is…they made them wrong two times! To make up for the time I’ve not been able to be paid for (no homeowner will pay for the installer’s time for a product made wrong) they are giving me the countertops. We can finally renovate our kitchen!”

pic 2That was the announcement my contractor-husband made just about one year ago. The quartz sat in our garage until we could have a yard sale this summer, netting us $1300 for the remodel, (and cleaning out our nearly empty-nest house!).

Our kitchen cabinets really need to be replaced but we don’t have the money for that so they will be repaired and painted.

A couple of walls have come down, opening up the house in new and wonderful ways.

While taking down the paneling (yes wall paneling we Jan 2016 Blog Photosactually wallpapered nearly 20 years ago when we bought the house!) and replacing it with drywall, we have discovered five layers of wallpaper indicating the decorating history over the last 103 years of our home’s existence.

There’s a layer of dust in every nook and cranny of this house that I’m not even touching until we’re done.

It’s a labor of love for a home we dedicated to God almost 20 years ago when we moved in.

photo 3These walls have watched our children grow, witnessed marriages restored (including our own), welcomed our adopted child into our family, and hosted dozens of back-to-school parties, prom picture-taking, birthdays celebrations, holiday dinners, cookie baking gatherings, Bible studies, Hearts at Home and church gatherings, engagements, grandchildren visits, and more.

It’s only a house…but it’s our home. It’s quite the mess right now…but aren’t we all?

This renovation makes me think of the renovating work God does in our lives. If we allow Him to, He tears down walls in order to open our heart up. He puts a fresh coat of paint on the worn-out places in our lives. He reveals sin and helps us to see our need for repentance. He peels away the layers of hurt and redeems them for His purposes.

Where does God want to do a renovating work in your life? In your heart? In your marriage? No matter your age, season of life, or spiritual condition, there’s always a remodel waiting to happen in some area of our life.

My encouragement to you is to say yes to the change He’s pressing on your heart today.

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