Hearts at Home recently received this email about Hearts at Home conferences. I thought it really spoke of the impact that Hearts has had on her mothering, her marriage, and her life in general. Because of that, I wanted to share it with you!

Dear Hearts at Home,

I am a Christian wife and mom (3 daughters: ages 7, 2, 6 months). I discovered Hearts at Home when my first daughter was four years old I can honestly say, Hearts at Home has given me a spiritual rebirth of sorts. Prior to Hearts at Home, I was a child-centered, lonely, at-home mom who was confused about how to find lasting joy and value in what I was doing.

Since I have attended Hearts at Home, I have discovered joy, peace, inner strength, direction, encouragement, correction, resources, wisdom, accountability (the list goes on and on). God has used Jill Savage to speak wisdom and life into my marriage and parenting. Her book Is There Really Sex after Kids? has left me forever enlightened and changed. Her books provide guidance on how to love my husband.

I have been able to hear God more clearly as the result of the conferences. I love EVERY aspect of the experience: the jokes, the worship, the testimonies, the chocolate (hello sister!!!), the bookstore, meeting the speakers/authors, the variety of workshops… I want other wives and moms to be transformed like I am . I still struggle but I am definitely in a better place. I just want that for others… it will bless them individually, their marriages and families.

~Natreece Hollins

Have you ever considered attending a Hearts at Home conference? We have two conferences in the fall: October 2-3 in Grand Rapids, MI and November 6-7 in Rochester, MN and we’d love to have you join us! If you live too far away to attend a conference, you can always order a Home Conference Packet, too!

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