When we work, we work.  When we pray, God works.

Last Thursday, I invited you to join us today for a day of prayer and fasting.  Whether you’re just pausing as you read this post to pray, or you’ve decided to join us in setting aside the day to fast and pray, I want to thank you for joining us.

Remember that you can pray throughout your day even as you go about doing your daily routine.  If you’re fasting, let the feeling of hunger prompt you to pray.  (If you’ve never fasted and prayed before, you can download three info sheets on my blog here.)

Today we are praying for the 2012 Hearts at Home conference year and specifically praying for the upcoming National conference in Normal, IL March 16-17.  Already over 5,600 moms are planning on joining us with more registrations coming in everyday!  God will be at work that weekend and we have so much to talk to God about.  Please pray for:

  • the speakers and work they are doing preparing for their messages.
  • the Hearts at Home leadership who are getting ready for the conference.
  • drama/music preparation
  • logistics of conference schedules, lunch pickups, exhibits, and more.
  • the hearts of each mom attending–that God will have fertile soil in which to plant seeds of hope and truth
  • the moms who will be attending with broken hearts or going through difficult challenges.
  • the weather (warm and sunny is so helpful!)
  • stamina for the speakers, volunteers, and staff (it’s two very-long days for those behind the scenes)
  • whatever God lays on your heart to pray for

We’re also praying for the marriages and families of Hearts at Home moms.    Please pray for:

  • My family: that healing and restoration will take place.
  • broken marriages to be restored
  • broken hearts will be mended where hurt exists
  • hope to be established where hopelessness exists
  • adoptions that are in process to proceed swiftly
  • wisdom for parenting challenges Hearts at Home moms are facing
  • health challenges Hearts at Home moms are facing themselves or within their family

And we’re praying for anything else that God lays on our heart to pray about.  Let God lead you, guide you, and speak to you today.



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