Sometimes on Saturdays I make yummy (but definitely not terribly healthy) yummies for breakfast.  One family favorite is homemade donuts.  If you’ve never made them, they are so easy! 

All you need are refrigerator biscuits, oil, cinnamon, and sugar!

First blend the cinnamon and sugar together. 

Then open up the refrigerator biscuits.  Spread out each biscuit just a little bit on a cutting board.  Then cut a hole out of the middle of each biscuit.  I use a medicine cup to do this.  A cap to a 2-liter bottle could also work. 

Heat oil.  Then place one or two donuts in the hot oil.  Fry for about 1 minute on each side until light brown. 

Remove from oil and drop donut in waiting cinnamon-sugar.  Coat with cinnamon-sugar. 


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