Move Your Marriage from Hurting to Hopeful In 3 Days

We completely understand.

hi, we're mark & Jill savage

Self-described as being married 38 years, 28 of them happily

During the hurtful years, we dealt with pornography, high amounts of criticism, and even infidelity. Our hearts were miles apart.

Mark chose to separate and pursue an affair relationship. He had decided to file for divorce. Jill was devastated, our family was distraught, and our grandchildren were incredibly confused.

During this broken time, Mark occasionally asked Jill to connect to figure out how to make the divorce as easy as possible for the people we both loved.

Even with the little time we were spending together, God moved our relationship from hurting to hopeful in only the way He can.

It took time and work-both personal work and couple work­­-but it was worth every bit of effort.

Since then, we’ve moved from Mark and Jill 1.0 to Mark and Jill 2.0. Our relationship is healed, our hearts are connected, our family is intact and we have the marriage we always longed to have.

Now we’re committed to offering hope and help to other couples.

If your marriage is “hanging on by a thread”
(or you want to make sure it doesn’t get there)
We Invite You to Join us in a

“Marriage 2.0” Intensive Retreat

Revitalize your relationship

With Jill & Mark Savage in a Dedicated, 
Private 3-Day Retreat

Revive your relationship with intimate and powerful communication while you and your spouse spend some focused time together at our country setting in Normal, IL.






This is not an idle, thumb-twiddling ‘weekend away.’



We only work with one couple at a time for this extended coaching opportunity, so we can help your marriage move forward from whatever place you’re in right now. We prepare for your visit by customizing each session for your marriage and its needs, whether you’re newlyweds, new to infidelity, or anywhere in between.

The sessions are fully immersive so you

You’ll leave with “God Tools” to help your marriage thrive for the long-term and an aftercare plan that involves more coaching from us.

Personalized for every couple

Throughout your personalized retreat, we lead you through dynamic dialogue designed to foster communication, navigate forgiveness and rebuild trust, even if you’re in an incredibly tough situation.

You’ll return home with a renewed sense of understanding and commitment in your marriage along with practical tools and strategies that will guide you through a lifetime of marital connection.


We came to this retreat knowing we had put our marriage on the back burner of life’s demands. With the help and guidance of Mark & Jill, we were able to identify those red flags. We were also able to stop the cycle of talking in circles and getting nowhere. If you just need time away to reconnect, see red flags popping up in your marriage and don’t know what to do, or even if you’re on the brink of divorce, this retreat is for you. We are so thankful that we took this time to heal, refocus and begin again.

~ Bryan and Amy


Real-Life Tools & Strategies

Taught by A Couple Who Has Actually Been There

After sharing your story with us, we design a program that is unique to you & your marriage – one that focuses on collaboration and resolution.

You’ll dive deep into your present and future while learning practical skills that help you recognize & reconcile your differences, banish dysfunctional communication, and heal and renew your marriage.

Then we’ll give you the tools to put into practice what you’ve learned as you move forward in your married life.

Throughout the weekend, you’ll have plenty of time to reflect. This gives you the chance to fully absorb the lessons and immerse yourself in your experience.

Rediscover your joy and connection with our guidance and proven No More Perfect Marriage systems.

Our Relaxed Place Gives Love Space

Our Relaxed Place Gives Love Space

dining • accommodations • activities

You’ll be regenerating in a gorgeous, expansive setting where nature abounds. Dine on delicious food
and spend some focused time together.

In the summer, the beautiful wrap-around porch beckons you to come sit and talk, read, or just think and pray. In the winter, you’ll enjoy the same experience inside our large home with a private guest living room.

This beautiful setting offers a restorative place to talk, listen, learn. As you and your spouse recommit to your marriage, you’ll learn and share in the wisdom that we have gathered during our 38-year restored marriage.

Enjoy our warm hospitality, cozy accommodations, and locally-sourced cuisine, as you work towards bettering your marriage.


As you settle into the comfortable and intimate accommodations provided, you’ll relax knowing you’re in a safe place to break down barriers and rebuild trust. It’s an escape from your daily routine so you can completely focus on your relationship.

jill's home

Enjoy private lodging at our expansive, country farmhouse including a private room with a Queen bed and private bath.

(Individual rooms can be requested for separated couples.)


Enjoy delicious, nutritious, locally-sourced seasonal meals throughout the entirety of your retreat. From arrival to departure,
all of your meals are included.

The delightful menu is sure to please your taste buds.

No More Perfect Marriages Coaching

Following each marriage coaching session, you and your spouse will have time for Couple Conversation, as well as Individual Reflection in order to solidify your understanding of the teachings.

This time will ensure you know how to:

Couple Conversation & Individual Reflection ensure you get the most from your coaching.


Master your newfound skills with follow-up coaching designed to support you while you implement all that you learned.

We are committed to supporting you in your marriage journey and will continue to offer you our time – as needed – when you return home as you strive to find the balance between life and love.

Continue your journey after you’re back in the day-to-day.

My wife and I spent one weekend with Mark and Jill for marriage mentoring. It was amazing! Their wealth of knowledge and vulnerability made it easy to connect with them. They gave us awesome tools to use in our relationship. We had some tough conversations and worked through some hard stuff, but it needed to be done. This was, for me, the best weekend I have had with my wife since we’ve been married. I have never felt closer to her or more motivated to invest in our marriage and continue to learn and grow. I used to be kind of put off by “counseling” and thought that was only for really messed up people. Well, news flash I’m a really messed up person, so I need it just as much as anyone else. I would encourage and challenge all of us to do counseling or mentoring of some kind, not only for ourselves but for our marriage, our children, our grandchildren, and for generations to come. There is strength in seeking to better yourself and your relationships. You don’t have to be in a bad place to do that. Work on it before and it won’t get to that point.

~ Robert Cruse

“Marriage 2.0” Intensive Retreat

Revitalize your relationship

With Jill & Mark Savage in a Dedicated, Private 3-Day Retreat

Only One Couple per Intensive is Hosted, so Dates are Limited









day 1


♥ ♥ ♥




Mark and Jill are thrilled to welcome you. Upon your arrival, they’ll help you get settled. Once you’ve had a chance to freshen up, you’ll enjoy a scrumptious meal then dive straight into “Differences and Dynamics” - your first coaching session. You’ll share more of your story and discover your relating patterns. You’ll be so surprised at how much insight you’ll gain about the places you’re stuck in your relationship.

day 2


You’ll start this day with a delicious (self-serve) breakfast. Then Mark & Jill will lead you through ‘Love Styles’. This will uncover the invisible “Blueprint” from your past that created the unhealthy dances happening in your marriage today. Understanding this is the key to answering that nagging question, “Why Do They Do That”?


After a mouth-watering lunch, you’ll discover the ‘Slow Fades.’ In marriage, there are dozens of little things that are pulling your hearts apart. We call these "slow fades." Mark & Jill will help you identify the slow fades causing distance in your marriage and teach you how to stop them. Once they are identified, you can start to regain the intimacy and connection you long for in your marriage.


Following a delectable dinner, it’s time for ‘Forgiveness and Rebuilding Trust’. Too many of us think that forgiveness and rebuilding trust are one in the same, but they aren't. You’ll learn the differences and begin to actively clean up the messes in your marriage so you can start to move forward.

day 3


Wake up renewed and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast before you discover the ‘God Tools’ meant to help you stop the slow fades, heal your relationship, and have the marriage you desire. In this soul-searching session, you’ll explore which tools God intended for you to have in your marriage toolbox that, when used, deepen intimacy, and increase your connection.


Our final session of this retreat follows another lunchtime delectable dish. Mark and Jill will work with you to develop your ‘Aftercare Plan and Next Steps’. You’ll go home with a personalized Aftercare Plan for you - both as individuals and as a couple - so you are assured you can maintain the freedom and hope you now have. These abundant three days will result in new freedom and Hope Renewed for your future together



♥ ♥ ♥

**Mealtimes are an extension of the coaching opportunities so lunches and dinners are shared together with Mark and JIll.

** Following each marriage coaching session, you and your spouse will have time for Couple Conversation, as well as, Individual Reflection in order to solidify your understanding of what you are learning and apply it to your marriage.


Thank you for opening your hearts and home to us! It was truly transforming. God was at work during our time together and continues to strengthen, guide, and protect us. We are so grateful.

~ Sue and Tom





WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE Intensive Retreat ?

During the last session of your 3 days with us, we’ll work with you to craft your AfterCare Plan

This is to ensure you have support as you implement when you return to ‘normal’ life. 


Continue your coaching relationship with Mark and Jill with unlimited daily coaching via text (as initiated by you) for 60 days following your intensive to help you apply what you learn in your everyday life. 

Three 30-minute follow-up coaching sessions (via Zoom) scheduled one week out, one month out, and two months out to ensure the tools Mark & Jill have given you are working for you OR identify any challenges you may need support in overcoming. This follow-up session will ensure your success.

A complimentary 3-month membership by special invitation to our No More Perfect Marriages Date Night community so you can continue to have the support and resources to live out what you learn while having some fun along the way.

Let’s Review Everything In Your
All-Inclusive Retreat Package:

15+ hours of personal and direct coaching sessions with Mark and Jill Savage:

Space to Reflect




The investment for the Hope Renewed Marriage Intensive Retreat and Aftercare Program is $4997. (One half down reserves the date and the balance is due two weeks before the intensive.)

Once you’ve submitted the form below, Mark and/or Jill will contact you to answer any questions and secure dates.

Only One Couple per Intensive is Hosted, so Dates are Limited

frequently asked questions

Having a coach is like having a personal trainer. Instead of working on body goals, you’ll set and meet relationship goals. If you feel overwhelmed with changes that need to happen in your marriage, Mark and Jill know the path and they can guide you to success! When you have someone in your corner who’s gone before you, you can glean from their wisdom and experience. Not only that, but you’re more likely to make your dreams a reality when a coach is helping you set goals, focus on what’s most important, and think through priorities while providing much-needed accountability along the way. Many people get overwhelmed with change. They don’t know where to start or they know where to start but aren’t sure of the next right steps to take. That’s where a coach becomes your teacher, cheerleader, and mentor all wrapped in one! We’re firm believers in marriage counseling, but we’ve also found there’s a place for marriage coaching. Some couples do both coaching and counseling. Others do coaching instead of counseling. And still, others do coaching before or after counseling.
Here are the benefits of marriage coaching:
  • We can meet online so you don’t have to travel.
  • We meet at a time that works for your schedule (often at night).
  • We give you practical, life-application strategies based on your needs.
  • We help you get to the root of the issues you keep tripping over in your relationship.
  • We give you the ability to connect by email, phone, and text in between coaching sessions–this is one of the biggest differences between coaching and counseling!

If coming to our home for an intensive week or weekend isn’t an option, we also offer coaching sessions using the Zoom video meeting platform. It is not possible to do an intensive through Zoom.

Click here to learn more about our other coaching options.

We believe in your marriage and want to help you, so we will do it anyway we can!

No, of course not. If you’re doing well in your marriage and want to make sure you stay that way, this retreat deepens your relationship and makes sure your foundation is solid.

Because we never want finances to get in the way of any couple receiving help, we offer a limited number of reduced coaching options each year. 

We do require some financial investment even in those cases, however. What we’ve found is that if we don’t, we often end up wanting the healing more than the couple who came for free. If you need to apply for a reduced mentoring option, please let us know. 

If you’re a pastor in need of a scholarship, contact us to learn about pastor grants offered by the 95Network!

Your retreat includes 3 days (15+ hours) of personal and direct coaching sessions with Mark and Jill Savage, along with your accommodations, meals, and your AfterCare Plan to ensure you have support as you implement what you’ve learned when you return to ‘normal’ life.

The retreat begins at 5 pm CT on the day you arrive.

The retreat ends at 2 pm CT on the 3rd day.

The retreat is held at our home in Normal, Illinois.

Our spacious 108-year-old farmhouse has a large, comfortable, welcoming guest room with a private bathroom and queen bed. It’s a perfect place to to give love space.

(Individual rooms can be requested for separated couples.)

We are happy to accommodate any food allergies or restrictions and will inquire about those the week before you arrive.

We want you to be comfortable! Wear comfy clothes and feel free to even bring your slippers!

Bring a heart that is ready to learn. If you have a Bible, please bring it. If you don’t have one, we’ve got you covered! 

We also have a hot tub, so in addition to comfy clothes, you might want to bring a swimsuit. We will provide the towels. (Unless it’s being maintained or repaired, the hot tub is available year-round.)

Our farmhouse is less than three miles from the local (BMI) airport. You may rent a car, take a taxi or Uber, or we’re happy to provide transportation to and from the airport.

This is a weekend for you to work in a focused environment, without interruption, on your marriage. Please arrange childcare for your children. 

Your time away from them may be difficult for you but the gift you are giving them by providing the firm foundation of a loving marriage is priceless!

When you book, we request 50% of the intensive investment at the time of booking ($2500).

If cancelled 31- 60 days from the start date on your intensive, $1000 is refundable. If cancelled within 30 days from the start date, the deposit is non-refundable.

Should illness or something unfortunate come up, we are happy to reschedule at no additional cost. 

Should you need to reschedule, we can move the deposit to an alternative date.

No, not at all! That is what makes this retreat so unique. It is individualized coaching for you and your spouse only. We work with the two of you exclusively during the three-day intensive.

There are no video recordings of the intensive. This is individualized coaching at its best. You do, however, receive a bonus resource of 3 months of No More Perfect Marriages Date Night membership with your intensive. There are hundreds of videos and resources inside No More Perfect Date Night that will help you further apply and live out what you learn at your intensive. 

Great! We’d love to hear from you, just contact us at and we’ll get back to you!

Your time is now

Take a moment to think about all the people your marriage impacts.

Your family immediately comes to mind, but go beyond that. 

Your friends, your coworkers, your children’s friends… 

How many people feel the ripple effect of your marriage when it’s good and when it’s bad?

There are a lot of people that want your marriage to be all it can be and a source of inspiration.

Even if you’re in a hopeless place right now, we are here to let you know there is hope. 

Out of the four years we’ve been offering intensives, we’ve received raving positive feedback with many of our couples encouraging their friends and family to attend.

So, if you’re still not sure… 

…Not sure if you need a weekend away

…Not sure if your spouse would want to do it

…Not sure if it would help anyway

We urge you to find the courage to take the next right step. 

Your marriage is worth the effort. It is worth the investment. 

Let us help you create the foundation for your 2.0 transformation in just 3 days.

We hope to see you soon!

– Mark & Jill

“Marriage 2.0” Intensive Retreat

Revitalize your relationship

With Jill & Mark Savage in a Dedicated, Private 3-Day Retreat

Let’s Review Everything In Your
All-Inclusive Retreat Package:

15+ hours of personal and direct coaching sessions with Mark and Jill Savage:

Space to Reflect




The investment for the Marriage 2.0 Intensive Retreat and Aftercare Program is $4997.

Once you’ve submitted the form below, Mark and/or Jill will contact you to answer any questions and secure dates.

Only One Couple per Intensive is Hosted, so Dates are Limited