Calling all those who have lived through the newborn stage!  What words of wisdom can you share with a new mom and dad who’s little one is so good during the day but has a crying spell of several hours somewhere around midnight each night? 

Little Rilyn is so content during the day, but so discontent for a couple of hours each night.  She doesn’t seem to have a tummy ache, her diaper is dry, she’s nursed well, she’s just unhappy at a time when mom and dad have little stamina.  They have rocked, walked, swaddled, unswaddled…you name it.

We’ve all lived through it and we’ve all likely found things that worked for our kids.  Let’s share some of that wisdom that comes only from experience for those moms (and dads!) of newborns who are tuning into today’s post.

How have you successfully soothed a colicky baby?  How have you stayed sane in the midst of a trying newborn season?

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