It’s been a hard day at the Savage household today. A friend of Erica’s from Normal Community High School passed away this morning. She went to prom this past weekend and she took her AP exams yesterday. This morning when her mom went to wake her up for school she was unresponsive. A 911 call was placed, but Michelle was pronounced dead at the hospital. No illness. No clue that one day she would be here and the next she would be gone. It appears from her autopsy that she died of natural causes.

Erica says that Michelle knew Jesus. She KNOWS where she is. But that doesn’t make the hole’s in the hearts of those left behind with so many questions heal any faster.

Today made me think about the mom who was supposed to be attending the Hearts at Home conference two months ago. Instead she was attending her husband’s unexpected funeral.

I don’t share either of those stories to bring a dark cloud on your day or to breed fear. I share it for perspective. What apologies do you need to make? Who do you need to forgive? Who needs to hear an encouraging word from you today? What child needs some extra time or attention from you? What phone call do you need to make to an extended family member?

The Bible tells us that we’re not promised tomorrow (Proverbs 27:1) and God has reminded me of that today. He prompted me to pass that along to you today, as well.

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