This year’s Hearts at Home conference theme is “Moms the Word.”  We’ll be looking at both the positive and the negative power of our words.  (If you haven’t registered yet, you can do that here!)

One of the fun things we’re doing throughout the conference is sharing “made up” words that include the word “mom” to describe things that moms do or experience.

For instance:

  •  a “momsicle” is a mom who sits on the side-lines of too many late autumn soccer games.  
  • Momotonous – when a mom catches herself saying the same things over and over because NO ONE IS LISTENING TO HER!
  • Momcation: this is what a mom gets when she comes to Hearts at Home!

As we prepare for the conference, we need more words!  I know you are some of the most creative people in this world.

Please send me your MOM words and their definitions!

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