Every girl needs a girlfriend who’ll shop with her and tell her the truth when she tries on clothes.  Does this make my rear end look big?  Is it my color?  Should I buy it?  

So today I need my online friends to give me that same kind of feedback…for my new blog makeover! 

  • Do you like the look?  Can you find things you need?  Favorite articles to share with a friend?  

  • Is there anything you don’t like?  Can’t find?  

  • Any suggestions for improvement?  

For those of you who get my blog posts by email, you may not actually visit my blog site very often.  Anytime you are reading a post on email and want to go to the actual blog site, simply click on the title of the post and it will link you right to the blog.  That’s how you can comment on a post, see a video that might be posted (videos don’t usually come through on email posts), or explore other pages of my blog. 

Special thanks to my daughter Anne, who did the redesign.  I knew I’d better capture her now before that baby is born in April! Thanks also to my daughter, Erica, who took some new pics of me.  We also had new family pictures taken earlier this week that I can’t wait to get up…but we don’t have those back yet!

Let me know your thoughts!

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