The winner of the Growing Grateful Kids book drawing is Megan who posted as “The Dowell Family.”  I’ll contact you by email Megan to get your mailing address.  Congrats!

I was so inspired by all the stories shared…if you missed reading them, you can find them here.

It was a quiet weekend at the Savage home.  I love a Saturday when I don’t have to ever get in the car!  Of course, if I don’t have to get in the car, then I don’t have to put on makeup or even get dressed if I don’t want to!  That’s the kind of Saturday I had!  Loved it!

What a perfect weekend of rest before the big Hearts at Home party in Normal, IL this weekend!  Right now over 3500 moms have made plans to join us.  And it’s still not too late for you to join us or benefit from the weekend in some way!

If you live close enough to come: 

  • Walk-in registration is available for both days.  Click here for walk-in registration information.

  • Moms Night Out tickets are available for Friday Night’s high-energy, stand-alone session that features music, drama, comedy, and more!  Click here for Moms Night Out ticket info.

If you live too far away to attend:

  • You can find free online resources 24/7 at
  • You can still order a Home Conference Packet.  Click here for Home Conference Packet info.
  • You can always order Hearts at Home resources in the Heart Shoppe.  Click here for the Heart Shoppe.

If you’d like to attend our NorthCentral Regional Conference Nov 6-7, 2010 in Rochester, MN:

  • Online Registration is open!  Click here to learn about the conference and register!

Are you coming this weekend?  Ordering a Home Conference Packet?  Have you enjoyed a Hearts at Home book recently?  Have you been encouraged by an article or other free resource on the Hearts at Home website lately?  Tapped into the Hearts at Home eCommunity?

I’d love to hear about it and I’m sure other moms would love to hear about it too!

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