Mark and I just returned from 48 hours in Orlando, Florida as part of the Celebrate Family tour with Focus on the Family.  It was so exciting to meet some of our Florida blog and Facebook friends!

This was a little getaway for just the two of us.  Sure there was some work involved with Wednesday’s schedule of events, but we arrived Tuesday afternoon and there was time on this trip for just the two of us.  Uninterrupted conversations.  Laughing about silly things.  Exploring a new city together. Sitting in the sun, reading, talking…even napping!

Stepping away from the everyday responsibilities on occasion is healthy for every marriage.  And if your budget doesn’t allow a getaway with overnight accommodations, you can always have the kids stay with friends or family and do a getaway in your own home.

So this is a challenge to anyone who is married and reading today’s post.  What do you have on your calendar for a getaway with your spouse for at least 24 hours?  If there’s nothing on the calendar, get something planned.  Today.

We’re even throwing in a giveaway to this challenge.  If you do a getaway with your spouse by August 30, email me at jillsavagegiveaway (at) yahoo (dot) com and tell when and where you went.  I’ll enter you in a giveaway to win a Simply Romantic Nights package offered by Hearts at Home.  (The Simply Romantic Nights package includes: Is There Really Sex After Kids? book, Marriage Love Notes, and ‘Simply Romantic Nights’ (a Family Life Resource). Every month you and your spouse can each pick a romantic adventure to rekindle the flames of passion in your relationship.)

I can’t wait to hear about your marriage getaway!

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