It’s amazing what traditions are important to our kids. My youngest has been sick for the past three days. He’s had some sort of virus–a headache was his biggest complaint. His face was flushed and he obviously didn’t feel well.

“Mom, will you make me some Jello?” he asked on his first day home. “Sure, Austin, but I usually make you Jello when you have the stomach flu because you can’t eat anything else.” I responded.

“You make me Jello when I’m sick and today I’m sick,” he declared.

So, of course, I made him Jello…even though his tummy wasn’t the least bit upset.

You know, in mothering the little things are the big things.

We plan a big vacation to Mouse World but what our kids remember most is the summer day when we played playdoh with them.

We take pictures of the big birthday party we spent so much time planning, but what they remember was the two of us sitting at the table licking the beaters and giggling together while making the birthday cake.

We plan a big family meal at the holidays, but what sticks with them is the day we taught them how to measure ingredients and they made their very own batch of cookies.

We work to “make memories” with our kids but miss out that we are making memories everyday by the simple things that we do…like making them jello when they’re sick.

Here’s to building memories with our kids by doing the little things that we each do best…just being mom.

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