We’ve left our momma cat alone for a couple of days, but today we climbed the ladder again and took a peek. We saw three beautiful little kittens and unfortunately one dead one. Of course, Mark wasn’t home and there was already a horrible stench so Kolya helped me get some work gloves and I had to take care of the business of death.

There’s the wonderful side of mothering where you get to experience the fullness of life with your children. And there’s the hard side of mothering when you have to help your kids understand that life isn’t always fair or sometimes it ends sooner than we like or understand.

Today was a bit of both for all of us. Part joy and part sadness. But as much as we mourned the death of one little kitty, we rejoiced with the three healthy ones that we are eager to hold and love on. Here are a couple of pictures we were able to snap.

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