We have kittens…5 of them, in fact. They are the cutest little things. We’ve been watching them grow over the last few weeks and everytime I check on them I take note of the mama cat, Chives. Today I thought I’d share with you 4 Lessons from a Mama Cat.

1. Contentment. Chives has been so content to just lay there and take care of her kittens. Sometimes we mamas need to be ok just letting things go and taking care of our babies (no matter how old they are!)

2) Attachment. The kittens have been very attached to their mama. That’s the way it should be in the beginning. Our babies need lots of good time with their mama, too.

3) Trusting others. As the kittens are growing older, the mama cat has allowed us to hold, love on, and care for her babies. We moms need to let others hold and care for our babies on occasion. This gives us a much needed break and it’s emotionally healthy for our kids, too.

4) Letting go. As the kittens have grown older they’ve been starting to crawl out of their box and exploring their world. Mama cat is close by…but she’s letting them explore. We moms have to do the same. Our kids need their independence with us nearby.

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