Last weekend was the first time I ever went shopping for an outfit to wear for the upcoming Hearts at Home conference without having one of my daughters weigh in on the decision.  Two weeks ago we moved Erica down to Augusta, Georgia, to be near Kendall at Ft. Gordon.  My oldest daughter Anne lives three hours north and now Erica lives 13 hours south. 

I miss my girls.

Don’t get me wrong…I love my boys.  And Evan, my fashion conscious 22-year-old son, gave his thumbs up to my conference attire.  But there’s a special relationship between mother and daughter that is unique. 

Moms need to be moms when their girls are little, but they get to be girlfriends when their girls grow up. 

They enjoy chick flicks together. 

They paint their toes together.

They shop together, bake together, and talk late into the night together. 

If you don’t have a daughter, you’ll likely have a daughter-in-law someday that you can enjoy a special relationship with.  If you do have a daughter, be her mom for now.  But look forward to when you can be her girlfriend in the future.

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