Thursday night is the start of my husband’s weekend. Because his days off are Friday and Saturday, he always wants to do something fun on Thursday night like most people would normally do on Friday night.

Over dinner we talked about what we might do like rent a movie, play a game, or sit on the porch together. I mentioned that I’d really like us to see the movie Fireproof together because he was out of town when I saw it with a friend and I wanted us to both experience it together. That movie is practically our marriage story on the big screen.

We had a problem, though. The movie wasn’t showing in town and the closest theatre was 40 miles away. Not only that, but Mark had to go back up to the church until 8pm. That meant the only option for us was the 10pm movie 40 miles away. Not very practical, huh?

We tossed the idea around but kept getting caught up on the impractical logistics. Driving 80 miles round trip for a movie was costly and the thought of returning home at 1am seemed quite insane. Finally Mark said, “Oh, let’s live on the wild side and go to the 10pm movie in Peoria!” I had to laugh because our definition of “the wild side” has certainly changed over the years.

So we decided to be incredibly impractical and go to the 10pm movie 40 miles from our house just so we could spend time together doing something we both wanted to do.

That brings me to announcing my October contest. What is the most impractical thing you’ve done for the sake of your marriage? One mom shared with me that she and her husband had rented a hotel room just miles from their house so they could…well you know. They checked out of the hotel just two hours after they checked in because they had only hired a sitter for a couple of hours! She said it was the most impractical (and scandelous) thing they’d ever done, but it was so good for their marriage!

Sometimes we need to have fun and live on the wild side. And if you haven’t done anything wild for a while, maybe this will give you the motivation you need! Anyone who posts a comment on the most impractical thing they’ve done for the sake of their marriage, will be entered in a contest to win your choice of three Hearts at Home marriage resources: a signed copy of Is There Really Sex After Kids?, a package of Marriage Love Notes, or a CD of one of my conference workshops on marriage.

I love learning from other moms with the monthly contests! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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