This past week we celebrated two birthdays in our family and we did both in a “living with less” style. 

Kolya turned 16 and his cake request is always an ice cream cake.  A purchased ice cream cake is $20 or more, but a homemade one is right around $6. 

If you’ve never made an ice cream cake it’s really easy.  All you need is a tub of ice cream, two packages of Oreo-like cookies, and some ice cream syrup (optional).  (I usually use a 9×13 Tupperware cake carrier that I turn upside down and use as a deep container for the rectangle cake.)

For Kolya’s cake, I got one package of Mint Oreos and one off-brand oreo-like cookies (if they had off-brand mint oreo-like cookies you can bet I would have chosen the off-brand!)

For the bottom layer, I crushed up the mint Oreos using a gallon size zip-lock bag and a rolling pin. 

Leaving the ice cream out until it was soft, I then put a layer of ice cream on the Mint Oreos. 

Then another layer of crushed oreo-like cookies topped with a layer of caramel and ice cream toppings.

Another layer of ice cream sprinkled with leftover oreos tops it all off.  Freeze overnight and enjoy!

It may not look quite as pretty as a Dairy Queen cake, but we all agree it tastes even better than a store bought cake.  And I definitely like the price!

For my birthday I wanted less calories so Mark made me a Weight-Watchers cake recipe and it was incredible!

1 chocolate cake mix
1 can diet coke

Mix together well and bake according to directions on box.

Ice with Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding mixed with Sugar Free Whipped Cream.

I don’t have a picture to share with you, but I can tell you it was incredible!  Very moist, and absolutely yummy!

Do you have any living with less cake ideas to share?

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