Mark and I spent much of this past weekend cleaning out our attic. At one point Mark exclaimed…”Hey, where did you find my soldering iron?” I pointed to where I’d found it. He continued with, “I’ve looked and looked for that and I finally had to go buy another one.”

I responded with, “You know I once read in a book that disorganization costs money. Maybe we ought to go back and read that book again….I think it was called Living With Less So Your Family Has More.

We laughed…and continued cleaning, organizing, and tossing.

Disorganization costs both time and money.  We duplicate purchases and we waste precious minutes looking for things that weren’t put back where they belong. 

I’m a reformed messy.  Organization is hard work for me and if I let down my guard, the piles can grow so quickly!  Not only that, but managing the stuff of 7 people for over 20 years has been a challenge in and of itself. 

Now we’re down to four people at home and I will say that it is much easier than it used to be.  But I still have to be intentional about keeping things organized.  I’ve found three strategies to be helpful:

1) Putting things away right away…not telling myself I’ll do it later.
2) Touching paper only once…look at it and then throw it away or put it away.
3) Asking everyone to do a 5 minute pickup every evening.  When the kids were little we’d sing the Barney clean up song.  Now that they’re older we sometimes turn on loud music for motivation!

What about you? What organizational strategies have you found to be helpful? 

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