One of the best thing a mom can do for herself and her family is to exercise.  It’s a stress reducer, a health maximizer, and an important part of taking care of me! 

With a gym membership not in the budget, what’s a mom to do to find no cost exercise options everyday?  She gets creative!  Some of the strategies I’ve used over the years include:

  • Walking with a friend, pushing our strollers in the mall.  Our local mall opens for walkers at 6am, well before the stores are open.  It’s great for walking when it’s too hot or too cold outside.
  • Walking with a friend in a neighborhood after my kids are in bed.  This allows for great girlfriend talk time, too!  
  • Doing an exercise DVD in the comfort and privacy of my own home.  I just discovered our local video store allows you to check out exercise DVD’s for free!  You can bet I’ll be doing more of these!
  • Doing an exercise DVD with a friend.  Sometimes a little accountability helps!
  • Utilizing some home exercise equipment with another mom.  After my sister, Juli, had her twins I went to her home several days a week to talk and work out.  We alternated time on the treadmill with time lifting weights (and fussy babies!) in the little home gym they had in their basement.
  • A bike ride with the kids counts as both exercise and great family time!  Our community has 27 miles of bike trails and we’ve certainly not explored them all.  (Do you think the ice cream we stop and get along the way offsets the calories burned?  Probably so….but it’s sooooo good!)

I feel better when I exercise and I know it’s got to be a priority in my daily routine.  But sometimes I find myself in a rut and I have to push myself back into a solid exercise routine.  The last few weeks have been been that way for me.  When we change from the school year routine to the summer routine, my exercise routine has to be re-established. 

How about you?  What do you do for daily exercise that doesn’t cost a dime?

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