An excited mom caught me after Mark and I finished the Living With Less So Your Family Has More workshop at the Hearts at Home Conference in March. 
“I’m so excited,” she said eagerly.  “My husband and I have a comfortable lifestyle. I have never been interested in living with less simply because I don’t have to.  But today during your workshop, I realized that we could choose to live with less so that we could give more!”
She went on to say that she didn’t know why she hadn’t considered this before, but that day it was evident that God had whispered to her heart and she had listened.  She was motivated to go home and make a game out of frugality and simplicity.  Not because she had to but because she wanted to.
Each week I’ve been devoting one post to the concept of living with less.  However, we’ve never really established the why’s behind making that decision.  I believe there are three primary reasons why we might choose to live with less:
  • We can live with less to be able to give more.   I know one family that chose to give up Starbucks in order to sponsor a second child living in poverty through Compassion, International.  My friend Becky is living out the motto “live simply so others can simply live,” in order to support mission work. 
  • We can live with less to be able to live out our vision for our family.  A family trying to aggressively pay off debt may choose to live with less because of their vision to be debt free.  Another family may choose to live with less to remain debt free.  And still another family may choose to live with less in order to have one parent at home. 
  • We can live with less because of unforeseen economic circumstances.  In today’s economy, some families are finding themselves living with less without a choice.  They are having to tighten their financial belt in a way they haven’t had to before.  Economic challenges can require us to spend less, but they often give us opportunities to experience more.  Like the mom who lost her job thanks to the economy, but last summer found an unexpected time at home with her grade school children.  It was a challenge financially but a joy relationally. 
What about you?  If you are choosing to live with less, what is your reason why?

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