Today was a snow day for us.  We loved having a “free” day to sleep late and then get some things done. 

We hadn’t yet taken down our Christmas decorations so today was the perfect day to do that.  When we got it all put away I said the words every husband LOVES to hear….”Honey, why don’t we move the furniture around?”  Mark smiled through clenched teeth. 

Later Mark and I  talked about how we love our “new” family room.  And that “when you can’t get new, you do what you can do.”  We’d love to have new furniture, but it’s not a part of our “living with less” life. 

We got a call from our editor today to say that our new book, Living With Less So You Have More, is heading to the printer!  Wahoo!  In celebration of this, I’m launching a regular “Living With Less” discussion on my blog. 

So what phrases or “philosophies” do you have in your house?  Will you help us create some catchy “living with less” phrases like we created today: “When you can’t get new, you do what you can do!”

Oh and by the way, you can pre-order the book on now.  I’m so excited!

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