I’ve stated before that I tend to have an “all or nothing” mindset. This sometimes keeps me from doing the things I want to do because if I can’t do them right then I don’t do them at all.

Almost twenty years ago I decided to keep a journal for each of our kids. My goal was to share my heart with my kids and to also keep track of the funny things they said and did especially when they were small.

I would write whenever I thought of it and needless to say, as we added more children to our family, I wrote less and less.

I hadn’t written in them for years and decided to pull them out during the holidays and share them with the kids. It was a powerful and emotional experience for the older kids. They were overwhelmed with getting a peek into mom’s heart. Not only that but we laughed until we cried as we read some of the funny things they said and did when they were small.

Evan said to me, “Mom, you need to blog about this. More moms need to do this for their kids. This is powerful.”

So I’m following Evan’s suggestion. If you haven’t ever considered doing something like this for your kids, I invite you to consider the possibility. I didn’t start until Anne was 5 and Evan was 3. Believe me, after seeing their response, it didn’t matter that I didn’t start at birth. What mattered is that I started. Period.

I can’t say I’ve done it well for all my kids, Anne’s journal has probably 30 entries in it, Evan’s about 25, Erica’s 20, and then there was little Austin. His journal has 3 entries in it. I guess I could consider that failure for Austin. I certainly wish I’d done better. But rather than beating myself up for that, I’m going to rest in God’s grace and start afresh even though he’s 12. There is still so much of my heart to share with him. We adopted Kolya 5 years ago and I don’t even have a journal for him. But that’s on my shopping list for this week.

What is it that you do to keep memories? How do you share your heart with your kids? This will be our January contest. If you share an idea, your name will be thrown in a hat and I’ll draw a winner on Tuesday, January 13. The winner will receive a Hearts at Home book of their choice.

Throughout the duration of the contest, I’ll be sharing some fun entries from my kids journals. May we all be encouraged to be the memory keepers in our family!

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