We’re posting this Marriage Monday from the Fairfield Inn in Boston.  It’s the last night of a five day vacation for two that we took exploring the coast from Boston to Bar Harbor, Maine.  Once in Maine, Mark officiated a wedding for some dear friends of ours. That was the goal of the trip, but we extended it out to include some time for us.  We teasingly decided Mark needs to start a new business: Will Marry For Travel.

Mark says…
This time away for just Jill and I has been so important.  We’ve talked.  We’ve laughed.  We’ve gotten lost together as we explored parts of the country we’d never seen before. 

I’ll admit that many times this week I said to myself, “Oh, my boys would just love this.”  I’ve missed them and wanted them to have the same opportunity as me.  But Jill and I needed the time together…and that’s the priority.  What’s best for my boys more than seeing Boston is seeing Mom and Dad investing in their marriage.

Jill says…
Mark and I learned a long time ago of the value of a vacation for two every 2-4 years.  We save a little bit of money every month toward that goal.  Other than finances, childcare is, of course, the biggest challenge.  Even though my boys are in high school, I’m not exempt from having to make those arrangements.  Here’s how this week worked:

The boys were at church camp from Sunday to Friday.  We left on Tuesday and will return Monday late afternoon.  Erica and Kendall were visiting for three weeks so they were to cover childcare from Friday until Sunday when Anne and Rilyn came to visit for a week.  Then Kendall’s army orders were changed and they had to take off for Ft. Hood, Texas on Thursday.  I’m suddenly making frantic phone calls to get someone to cover the weekend.  I was able to reach a single gal in our church who gladly said she’d cover Friday to Sunday.  Once that was covered, I could enjoy the rest of the time together.

I share all of that to help you know that even the best of plans can be challenged at times…and especially for the mom this is the biggest challenge of any kind of getaway.  Even though it was stressful and crazy trying to make all the plans, it was still worth it!

We’ve had a blast this week and I’m so glad we took the time!

What about you?  Would you be willing to dream with your spouse and start planning a vacation for two sometime in the future?  If you’ve taken a vacation for two, how did you make it work? 

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