Hello all,

It’s been a full day here at Mayo. Erica is having an MRI right now and I’m sitting in the waiting room. Thank goodness for internet access!

We started our day with Dr. Bowers in neurology. He was wonderful. He spent an hour with us.

He first ordered more blood tests than ever. They took 18 viles! Erica was a trooper.

He ordered a different kind of MRI (with contrast) than what she had before. She was not happy about the need for an IV, but she was brave. (Yes, I have an 18 year old who hates needles!) The MRI will be of the neck and head. Her previous MRI was only of the head so this is a little more comprehensive.

He’s scheduled an EEG for Thursday morning, but we are working to get that appt moved up to tomorrow which means we have to show up and wait…and wait…and wait. We may get an earlier appt and we may not. Please pray that we get an earlier appt!

He’s scheduled an appt with a rheumatologist (her autoimmune blood work is off) and a “Functional Movement Disorders” doctor who will measure the jerks to see how strong they are and what parts of the body they are truly affecting.

The appt with the Functional Movement Disorder doctor is scheduled for next week but we can come on Thursday afternoon and wait to see if we can get an earlier appt. He’s only in on Thursday afternoon this week. This is why we need to move the EEG to tomorrow so we can possibly move the other appt to Thursday afternoon.

I have to say, this is the nicest medical facility. And every person we have met has been extremely friendly! What a blessing that has been.

We are staying with a Hearts at Home family who have been so kind to open their home to us. That has made the stay more comfortable and definitely less expensive! Thank you Tom and Angie!

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