Hey mom friends! Yesterday and today I’m talking with Dr. Dobson about Real Moms…Real Jesus. If you need some mom encouragement today you can listen online HERE.

My friend Carrie shared some mom tips that I could pass along to all of you. I thought I’d share her tips and then see what tips you could add to the discussion! If there are enough tips shared, I can make up a list of mom tips to turn into a free download.

Carrie’s tips:

To handle changing your child’s bed sheets in the middle of the night:
When you have a little one who wets through the sheets at night or a child who is sick, layer their bed: mattress cover/bed sheet/mattress cover/bed sheet/mattress cover/bed sheet. Then when your little one gets sick in the night or you find them wet in the night, just strip off the top bed sheet and mattress cover to reveal the next layer! A little bit of extra preparation can make a 2am “emergency” go so much easier!

To protect your car upholstery:
Buy an inexpensive bath towel that is the same color of your car upholstery. Cut some holes in it to accommodate seat belts and then set your child’s car seat on the bath towel. Now crumbs will fall on the towel and every once in a while you can take the towel out and shake it or wash it.

Here’s a tip we used when our kids were little:

To distract fussy kids when you’re driving:
Keep a bottle of bubbles in a front cup holder of your car. When you’ve got fussy kids in the back, turn the air conditioner or heater on high, put the bubble wand in front of the air vent, and let the car fill with bubbles. It’s an instant distraction! This also works great when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Fill the car with bubbles and then open your windows. You’ll entertain all the cars around you as bubbles flow generously out your windows!

What about you? What mom tips do you have?

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