Hello all,

Erica and I are back in Rochester, MN, this week for her specialized therapy. Her myoclonic jerks have slowed down a lot but they are still there. We’re hoping to say goodbye to them forever. She had two sessions of occupational therapy today and was supposed to have two sessions of physical therapy, but the physical therapist that she needed to see was sick today! We’re praying for a speedy recovery for him so she can do the full program tomorrow.

Because we had a few extra hours, we decided to do some “mother of the bride” dress shopping. We found a couple of possibilities at the Dress Barn. As we were walking out of the store this mom jumped out of her car and asked if I was Jill Savage. She was from Texas and was visiting her sister in Minnesota. She’s never been to a conference but has read my books and we’re Facebook friends—in fact, that’s how she new I was in Minnesota! So here’s my friend Cindy and I in the parking lot outside of the Dress Barn! What a fun God-appointment!

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