Last Thursday we shared Mom Tips! Remember that my posts are usually just the start of a conversation. You’ll find other’s thoughts and feedback as comments on the post at throughout the day. The comments that were shared last week are just too good to pass up.

Here are more mom tips from moms in the trenches!

About keeping a towel under your carseat
Cathy says, “We had towels under our carseats, but at a carseat check by our local police, we were told that they were not safe. It can make your car seat slide and you can’t get the seat in as tight (at least that’s what the police officer told us). So we took ours out. So I would advise checking your local car seat laws before adding the towel.”

When the kids are sick…
Sheila says: When kids have the stomach flu, use a vinyl, flannel-backed tablecloth to protect the couch, bed or wherever they’re recuperating. Lay it soft side up against their skin and the vinyl protects the yuckies from soaking through.

Also, I have a 9 year old and I still find it helpful to keep a change
of clothes in the car. I picked her up last night at a friends house
just minutes after a water fight–need I say more 🙂

Tips for packing for a trip:
Beth says: My favorite way to organize family vacation suitcases with little ones was ziploc bags. One bag per day included shirt, pants, socks, undies, and even a bow for her hair. Each morning, they could pick their own outfit out of the suitcase with no fuss, and each night, the dirties go back in the bag for a no stink storage. This also works with specialty outfits, like swimsuit, goggles, etc. And now with 2 gallon ziplocs, even adults can get in on it! This also saves space in the suitcase as you can squeeze out all the air by sitting on it first!

A tip for keeping kids happy in the car:
Another mom shared: I have several “mom tips”, but time to mention just one, right now:
Keep a small box, with tight-fitting lid (I use a plastic container with handle on the lid), stocked with individually wrapped snack items in the car. Things like granola bars, puddings that don’t need refrigeration (and plastic spoons), 8 oz. water bottle or two, pretzels, cookies, fruit snack packs, etc… This way, no matter where you are, there is something to eat for the kids (or you), while you are out and about.

I also like to bring cut up fruit or grapes in ziplock bags whenever we leave the house on an errand, especially if we’ll be gone around a meal or snack time, so that the kids have something fresh and healthy, along with the snack-type items.

A tip on how to “plan” to be a fun mom!
Michelle says: In the summer time I like to put a few beach stuff in the car. A couple of towels sand toys and sunscreen. If it’s a really hot day and we’re running around doing errands we can stop off at a lake or splash pad and cool off and we can do this because the basics in the car until we get home.

Tip for being prepared and staying organized:
Heather shared: We have a minivan with “stow and go” and I keep those compartments filled with the “essentials”. Each kid has a clear shoebox sized bin with a full change of clothes, and since my youngest is still in diapers I keep those there too, and wipes up near where I can reach them (as they are for so much more than just dirty bottoms). I also carry 100% juice boxes and other non-perishable snacks in another bin-for those time we get caught out near a meal or snack time. Friends joke I can live out of my van (and if it had a “potty” I could . We also keep sunscreen and a full first aid kit down there too.

Tip for keeping strollers clean:
I have to keep my strollers in the garage for storage. To keep them clean and “dust-free” I put the rain covers over them. Makes a big difference. (and yes I have used both my single and my double stroller in the rain!)

Tip for storing kids clothing without a dresser:
Didn’t have a dresser for our nursery so I bought some clear sterilite type stacked drawers to hold sheets, blankets, bibs, burp clothes, socks, ect. Was cheaper than buying a dresser (and we got a free hand-me-down one 2 years ago!) and we have re-purposed one of the tower drawers in our pop-up camper!

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