I’ve had an interesting week. It’s been reminiscent of the days of diapers and toddlers when I would work all day but feel as if I’d accomplished nothing at all. In reality, however, I did accomplish many things—they just weren’t measurable in a “task completed” sort of way.

This week I’ve helped Austin write a letter to our Compassion child. I’ve helped Evan with some wedding plans. I took Kolya to apply for his first official job (detasseling corn) and spent well over an hour helping him fill out the application and forms. I have ferried Erica back and forth to play practice and shows. I’ve washed her costumes each night (she gets a pie in the face in every performance so I have to wash her clothes every day). I’ve visited with my sister and parents who came for a brief visit while traveling cross country for a wedding. I’ve traveled up to Chicago to speak to a moms group, but more importantly spend some time with Matt and Anne. I’ve spent an hour catching up with a friend over the phone, another hour encouraging a new mom over the phone, and I spent a full day with three friends from high school who came in town for a visit. And now I’m caring for my nephews while my sister and her husband take a weekend trip.

As I shared this with my friend Becky, I said, “I feel like I’ve been terribly busy but I’ve gotten nothing accomplished.” Becky’s reply was so right, “You’ve done what matters, Jill. That’s what’s important.”

I know that in principle, but sometimes we have to be reminded of it, don’t we?

When we invest in relationships, there’s no way to mark that off our “to do” list. It can seem like time unaccounted for because we have nothing tangible to show for it. But that’s a lie we can’t believe. You and I have to remember that motherhood is the ministry of availability.

Yes, I have bills to pay, laundry to do, and a even a blog and website to update. But that’s not the most important things I have to do. I have children to laugh with, a husband to love, and friends and family to enjoy.

Those are the most important things in life.

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