There is a competitive side in me and that showed up yesterday in our “Jack Bauer” discussion.  I’ll have you know that there were 39 of us who had no idea who Jack Bauer was and there were 42 of you who knew he was a character from the television show “24.”

I’ll concede to Dr. Todd on this one, but not by much!  It was nearly a tie!

We have two winners from yesterday’s book drawing.  Each one will receive one copy of Dr. Todd’s book, Keep The Siblings…Lose the Rivalry.  Congratulations to:

  • Cyndee (caownbey)
  • Jen (jpulvermacher)

You will each get an email from me requesting more information so we can get your book to you!

Since it’s the week before Mother’s Day, I think it is appropriate to have another giveaway!!

Several months ago I read two great mom fiction books by author Megan DiMaria: Searching for Spice and Out of Her Hands.  I particularly enjoyed them as a mother of teenagers!

Megan’s main character, Linda Revere, is an everyday mom who is approaching 25 years of marriage and raising two teenagers.  Her experiences, thoughts, feelings, and struggles mirrored so many of my own!  I love a fiction book that reminds me that I’m normal, my kids are normal, and my marriage is normal!

In honor of Mother’s Day, Megan has generously offered to give away one copy of each of her books.  If you’d like your chance at a copy, post a comment sharing what the perfect Mother’s Day looks like for you.

I’ll go first…my perfect Mother’s Day is when my whole family helps me plant all the summer potted flowers (we do alot of container flowers!).  One of my love languages is Acts of Service so I really enjoy it when they help me with this big project!

What about you?  If you could plan your perfect Mother’s Day…what would it look like?

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