Every paycheck, I tuck away money for Christmas, vacation, and other important priorities.  Tucking away a little money on a regular basis makes larger expenses a possibility.

For instance, if you tucked away $10/month from one Hearts at Home conference to the next, you’d have enough for the $89 registration fee.  If you tucked away $20/month during that same time, you’d have enough for a shared hotel room and the registration fee.

If you put $10-$15 of every bi-weekly paycheck you’d have enough for a weekend getaway every 6 months with your spouse.

If you put away $5 a bi-weekly paycheck, you’d have enough to treat yourself to a massage or a pedicure every 6 months or so.

If you put away $20 from a bi-weekly paycheck, you’d have enough for you and your hubby to take a cruise in about 2 years or so.

Squirreling away little bits of money here and there doesn’t affect the weekly budget much, but it opens up the possibilities for some of the bigger things you’re likely dreaming about.

It’s even more helpful if you can have the money automatically taken out of the paycheck and tucked into a specific savings account.  Today’s online banking options make these kinds of automatic transfers so easy!

Sometimes you can use this saving method by taking something out of your budget and re-purposing the money to savings.  One couple I know saved enough money to take a cruise by taking Starbucks out of their regular expenses.  They were spending $40 a month on Starbucks ($10/week). They decided to give up Starbucks to allow them to take a vacation of their dreams.  Twenty-four months later they were sitting on a beach in Cancun, 10 lbs lighter each (those Starbucks drinks are packed with calories!), enjoying some much needed time away.

What about you?  How have you found this saving principle to be helpful?  If you’ve never done it before, what could you start saving toward today?

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