My friendship with MarLo (far left in picture) is slowly restoring my belief that the pastor’s wife really can have a good friend in the church. I’ve experienced alot of hurt over the years with people coming and going at church. You spend time with them, begin to enjoy their friendship, and then one day they get sideways with something the church does and they disappear. And I do mean disappear…there one day, gone the next.

Would you promise me that if you ever decide to leave the church you are in that you would offer the courtesy of a conversation with the pastor and his wife? Just thank them for their time, their care for your family, the teaching you’ve received in the church. Even if you disagree with something in the church, extending appreciation for what you have received would mean the world to them and would protect their very human heart from being wounded once again.

Back to MarLo…I was honest with MarLo early on and she was willing to let me learn to trust her over time. I’m thankful for her persistence and patience as I’ve learned to step back into the friendship ring at church.

If you’ve been hurt in friendships in the past, don’t let that permanently affect your future relationships. It’s worth putting your toe back in the water! My friendship with MarLo is restoring my broken friendship heart.

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