Two years ago we had the opportunity to share our home with a young man from Poland. Daniel stayed with us for about a month and simply became a member of the family.

This past week he came again for five days. We loved the time spent with him. We continue to help him with his English and he blesses us with his cooking and his conversation.

He is my Polish son and he says that I am his American mother.

In my book, My Hearts at Home, I talk about the value of home being a cultural center. In an effort to help our kids understand the world around them, we have to bring the world to them in whatever ways we can.

Hosting Daniel, and then last year his brother Irek, did that for my kids.

Exploring our son, Kolya’s, Russian heritage is another way we do that.

And sponsoring a Compassion child is yet a third way Mark and I intentionally make our home a cultural center.

What about you? How do you make your home a cultural center?

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