Thank you to all of you who participated in our “College For Less” discussion last week! Our book winners are:

Living Rich for Less

Lisa S (lisastierspen)
Lisa M (ourkazocu)



The Little Book of Big Savings

Karen (Clemsonke)
Katie (katie_chris)



Living With Less So Your Family Has More

Susan (susan-payne)
Amber (Kevamjones)

(I’ll be emailing each of you to get your mailing address!)





There were also two topics brought up that I thought I’d address before we leave the topic:

One reader asked, “What about online colleges?  Are they ok to consider?”  Most of our kids have taken an online course here and there, especially when they couldn’t get into a class they needed.  Online classes work well with a student that is self-motivated.

As far as completing a degree in an online school, as far as we have found, there’s no difference in the final outcome.  As long as it’s an accredited university, you still earn the same degree as if you were sitting in the classroom.   Our daughter, Erica, completed her first two years at a community college and is now finishing up her bachelor’s degree at an online school.

Another reader issued a valuable reminder that not all kids will take the college route.  It’s ok to point them in the direction of the trade industry.  This is a whole generation of welders, plumbers, and construction workers, and other trades that will be retiring and someone has to take their place.  This is the direction our son Kolya is headed into. Kolya loves manual labor.  School is very difficult for him.  He’s been taking advantage of a trade school program offered at our high school where he takes traditional classes 1/2 the day and construction management classes the other half of the day (they build Habitat for Humanity houses in his construction management school). Right now we’re helping him explore internships and other training opportunities to find the right trade for him to pursue.

Thank you to everyone who added to our discussion last week.  There’s so much we can learn from each other!

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