When your son or daughter heads off to their first prom, it’s a stark reminder that they are growing up all too fast. Even though we are homeschooling Erica, she was still able to go to prom with her boyfriend, Kendall.

Instead of going out to dinner, they asked if we would have a cookout for them before the prom. It was my pleasure because they are a great group of kids!

These are some of the highlights from Saturday night!

Erica and Shelby
Kendall, Erica, Shelby, and Mitch

Erica’s friend Elizabeth is in a class at school called “Parenting” so she had a “real life” doll that she was responsible for this weekend. The baby cried several times during the evening. She and her boyfriend Britton took care of the little one quite well but both agreed that they wanted to wait a long time to be parents.
Erica and Kendall

Erica and Kendall

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