I love the start of a new year. It’s a great time to evaluate and start fresh in whatever area of our life we want to do in a different way.

Last week when Mark and I did our “advance decision making” conversation, we discussed wanting to do something more intentional about getting our boys in God’s word. Austin is 12 and Kolya is 14. Those ages are so integral to building a foundation of God’s truth in their lives.

We decided to begin a two-year process of reading through the Bible together. I googled “read through the Bible in 2 years” and found a reading plan that would work for us. So last night we began. The four of us sprawled across our bed, each with our own Bible, and read aloud Genesis 1 and Matthew 1. Some good conversation followed.

Would you like to join us? I found the reading schedule here. Don’t worry that you didn’t start on January 1. Just start when you can!


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