If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that my dishwasher died this week. No I don’t mean my husband or children…they are just fine. It’s the one under the counter that went out of service.

Many years ago when I was just getting to know how God cared even about the little things in my life, God provided a dishwasher for our family after we went for 9 months without because we simply couldn’t afford one. You can read that story in my Professionalizing Motherhood book.

So this week we started praying again…because a new dishwasher just wasn’t in the budget (remember the blog post a month ago about the failed septic system?)

God did it again!

In a casual conversation with our insurance agent, Brian, Mark mentioned that everything in the house seemed to be falling apart. He then went on to mention the septic system, the water pressure tank we had to deal with a few weeks ago, and now the dishwasher. Brian piped up and said, “Hey my nephew just replaced his dishwasher but the old one works fine…it just needs a new lower rack. I’ll see if he wants to just get rid of it.”

The rest is history…Mark and a friend installed it tonight and not only does it work…it’s the quietest dishwasher we’ve ever had!

One downfall…it doesn’t match our other appliances. But hey…in keeping with the Hearts at Home theme for 2009…Real Moms have appliances that don’t match! I guess God is color blind in more ways than we realize.

But you won’t find this mom complaining. Everytime I look at that white dishwasher in the midst of my almond appliances and countertops I’ll be reminded of God’s incredible provision!

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