Perspective: I’m Disappointed

Disappointment is a part of the human experience. Our spouse will disappoint us. Our kids will let us down. Friends and extended familoy will break their promises. Circumstances out of our control will disillusion us. No one can escape the reality of life’s disappointments.

But Jesus was human, too. His friends let him down. He experienced disappointment!

  • Have you ever considered that Jesus was disappointed? Do you need to talk to Him about your disappointments?

Remember He’s a Friend Who Understands!

Chapter 10: Jesus Wept: The Truth about Our Emotions

Emotions are God-given feelings on the inside that motivate us to move in some direction. Anger motivates us toward justice. Joy motivates us to celebrate. Grief motivates us to remember. Hope motivates us to continue on.

But our emotions don’t always tell us the truth. We have to come to understand “positive emotions” and “negative emotions.”

  • Share a time when your emotions didn’t tell you the truth.
  • Do you default to “positive emotions” or “negative emotions?”
  • What is one concept from this chapter that really challenged you?

Jesus experienced a wide range of emotions. Talk to Him about your feelings. He really understands!

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