Can you believe it? It’s the last chapter of our Real Moms…Real Jesus Discussion! I’ve so enjoyed our Tuesday conversations. Thank you to those of you who have joined in the discussions. I’d love to hear from you this week if you’ve been reading!

Perspective: I Need A Break

I’m betting that every one of us can relate to my sister’s story that starts out this chapter. We’ve all been at the place where we feel like we’re losing it with our kids! Taking care of ourselves is key to making sure that we have the emotional capacity for the demanding job of motherhood. For me, I read almost every night before I go to bed. It’s just a little thing, but it really fills me up. I also try to sit out on the porch, read my Bible for a few minutes and chat with God each morning. This really gets my day started right when I’m able to do it.

  • What is one way that you take care of yourself?
  • What is one way of refueling you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t made it happen? Want to commit to that today? Tell us about it!

Chapter 13: Jesus Let Go: The Truth about Surrendering

God doesn’t ask us to do anything He hasn’t been willing to do Himself. Letting go is no different. When God sent His Son to this earth, he had to be willing to let him leave heaven. And I can’t even imagine what it was like for God to watch His Son die such a horrible death on the cross.

We have to let go, too. We have to let go of control. We have to let go of fear. And we have to let go of our children.

  • What is God pressing on your heart to let go of?
  • In general, what have you learned from this study? In what way has your perspective been changed about Jesus?

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