Welcome to our Chapter 6 Discussion of Real Moms…Real Jesus. Let’s start with the Perspective titled “I’m Dealing with Disobedience Around Every Corner!”

Have you ever considered that Jesus would teach and teach his disciples and yet they still had trouble “getting it?”

As a mom, I experience the same thing! I teach and teach and they sometimes just don’t get it!

When you and get frustrated with our kids, we can talk to Jesus about it! He understands!

On to Chapter Six entitled “Jesus Forgave: The Truth About Forgiveness.” One of the nice things about this book is that you don’t have to read the chapters in order. In fact, if you have the book but haven’t been able to read this far, can I suggest that you read Chapter 6 during naptime today? Or maybe during your lunch hour?


Because there isn’t a one of us that doesn’t need to be encouraged in understanding forgiveness!

Here are a few questions for today’s discussion. Feel free to answer any or all of the questions or to ask a few of your own!

  • Have you ever considered unforgiveness as a battle between you and God? Why or why not?

  • Do you have an experience with forgiveness that you would be willing to share with us to encourage us to make the choice of forgiveness?

  • Is the concept that “forgiveness is a choice” a new concept for you? If you do not forgive, what happens to your heart and mind?
  • What is one thing from this chapter that impacted you the most?

From page 93:
Do you need to tell God you’re sorry and ask for His forgiveness? Do it today. Do you need to tell your husband you’re sorry and ask for his forgiveness? Do it today. Do you need to tell your kids you’re sorry and ask for their forgiveness? Don’t wait any longer…do it today. Josh McDowell says the “forgiveness is the oil of relationship,” and every on of our relationships probably needs some lubrication that only humility, repentance, and forgiveness can bring.

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