It’s Tuesday’s Real Moms…Real Jesus chapter discussion! Feel free to answer or comment on any or all of the following:

This chapter’s “Perspective” deals with being so tired. The Perspective starts with the true story of a mom who fell asleep in the carpool line at school. While most of us haven’t done that, we’ve certainly been tired enough to consider it!

  • Do you have any funny stories of a time that you were so tired that you did something foolish?
  • Have you ever considered just how tired Jesus was when he was trying to meet all of the needs around him?
  • Have you ever talked to Jesus about your fatigue? He’s a friend who understands!

Now on to Chapter 8: Jesus Taught: The Truth about Leading our Children

This chapter looks at Jesus as a natural storyteller. He would use an everyday experience as a metaphor for a spiritual truth. As moms, we can learn so much from the ways that Jesus taught!

On Saturday Mark and I took the boys hiking at Starved Rock State Park. As we were hiking we pointed out the poison oak and poison ivy we saw along the way. Boys will be boys and, of course, they wanted to walk off the beaten path more than they wanted to walk on the established trail.

That’s when I sensed God’s leading to teach a spiritual truth. So we talked for a moment about following God’s ways being similar to staying on the established path. Then we talked about the consequences that are experienced when we go off the path. In the case of the state park path, we might end up with a poison oak or poison ivy rash. In the case of our spiritual life, we end up with the consequences of sin. We continued talking about how God gives us direction and boundaries, what kids might call “rules,” and how they are there to protect us from things we might not even realize could happen. The whole conversation took about 3 minutes and then we were done.

It was using Jesus’ methods used in the midst of our real life. And now we’ll have to trust that God will water the truths we planted on in their hearts on Saturday.

  • Have you ever considered the idea that home is the place where spiritual training should take place or have you ever considered that the church’s job?
  • How do you feel about being your child’s primary spiritual teacher?
  • Share with us a time when you’ve used a television show, a commercial, or a real life experience to teach your children God’s truth for their lives.

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