Welcome to week 2 of our Real Moms…Real Jesus Discussion! Feel free to chime in on any part of our discussion. Pick one or two questions, all the questions, or ask a few questions of your own!

Let’s start with the Perpective: Help Everyone Wants a Piece of Me!

I KNOW you get this! Every mom feels pulled in so many different ways. But my question is, “Have you ever considered that Jesus gets this?” He knows what it feels like to be in high demand. Have you really thought about the fact that you can talk to Jesus about this? Have you done more of that since reading this Perspective?

Now on to Chapter 1: The Truth About Worship

What idols do you struggle with? For me, I have several. Control is one. I spend alot of time trying to “control” things in my life. Food is another. I have come to realize that sometimes I try to use food to fill the places that God wants to occupy in my heart. Too often, I’m worshipping the the wrong things! I’m working on being more of aware of these “false gods” in my life.

What mom tasks do you struggle doing with a right heart? Have you ever considered that your daily mom tasks—done with a right heart–are actually worship?

What is one takeaway from this chapter that you want to move from your head to your heart?

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