It’s week five of our Real Moms…Real Jesus Discussion!

Chapter 5’s Perspective is titled, “Is there such a thing as uninterrupted sleep?”

When I first read the story of Jesus falling fast asleep in the boat and the disciples waking him up because they were scared of the storm I thought, “This is my life!” I honestly had never realized that Jesus would understand being awakened in the middle of the night.

What thoughts did you have when you read this Perspective?

On to Chapter 5: Jesus Sacrificed: The Truth about Sacrifice.

Any thoughts as you read through the first part of the chapter which outlines God’s relationship with His people from Adam and Eve through Jesus? Seeing the big picture of God’s desire for relationship with us was so helpful for me.

So are you a mother or a martyr? What thoughts came to mind as you read that section?

What is one thing you read in this chapter that you want to move from your head to your heart?

Because it’s Mother’s Day week, I’m going to do a giveaway! Anyone who participates in our Chapter 5 discussion this week will have their name thrown into a hat on Thursday morning at 10am CT. Then I’ll select a winner to receive a Hearts at Home Perpetual Calendar!

By the way, if your family is asking you what you want for Mother’s Day, you might check out the Heart Shoppe on the Hearts at Home website to make your list for dad and the kids! That way you’ll be sure to get something you’d love to have!

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