I stopped in my tracks as I read the sign standing next to two massage chairs in the middle of the shopping mall: RELAX, IN A HURRY!

Are our lives so fast-paced that we even feel we need to relax in a hurry?

Several years ago I learned about distinguishing the difference between the urgent and the important things in life. The urgent things are those that scream for our attention: our to-do list, the phone, household management skills (cleaning, laundry, bills). The important things are the people and relationships in our lives that rarely scream for our attention, but need it even more.
I find I often have to identify what is urgent that is calling my name and who is important that really needs my attention. It’s a constant battle for us as moms.

Relax in a hurry? That’s letting the urgent squeeze out the important priority of taking care of your body with regular rest and relaxation. Talking on the phone while pulling the toddler in the wagon is letting the urgent squeeze out the important job of taking your toddler on a journey around the block to marvel together about worms, dandelions, and rocks you find along the way.

Join me in working to keep the important things at the top of the priority list, because ultimately they are the only things in our lives that have eternal value!

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