Dr. Kathy Koch’s new Hearts at Home book is due out in the Spring. This is an important read for parents of all ages and stages of parenting. It may have “teens” in the title, but this will benefit you even before you’re parenting teens.

I was honored to write the foreward and I want to share it with you today. You’ll want to put this on your 2015 list of books to read!  –Jill


9780802412690Less than 24 hours after we dropped him off at college he began asking to come home.  This wasn’t what he thought it would look like. It was too hard. There were topics being taught that he didn’t want to learn. “I want to come home,” he texted every single day during the first week of school.

We listened, encouraged, spoke wisdom and ultimately said, “No, you need to stay at least one semester.” It was so hard as a parent and there were times that my husband and I wanted to cave in or even questioned if we were doing the right thing.

After a week of dealing with this, Mark and I decided that it was time to get some reinforcement from the school.  We made a call to the Dean of Students and explained the situation. He thanked us for the phone call, reassured us that they could help from their end, and he encouraged us that our “no” was exactly what we needed to be saying.  Then he said these words, “You know, I’m finding that this generation of kids does not know how to persevere.” We continued to talk about the fact that today’s teens are accustomed to quick wins in front of a video game screen. They fix problems with one click to cut and another click to paste.  Thanks to the internet, information can be found at their fingertips without much effort to research, dig, and come to conclusions on their own.

Our ever-changing technology has, without a doubt, made our lives easier in many ways. However it’s made our parenting harder and is affecting the mind, body, and soul of our kids in a way that we desperately need to understand.

Should we box up our computers and cell phones and return to encyclopedias and landlines? That’s not the answer as technology will only move forward and we have to move forward with it.  We do, however, have to change the way we interact with our kids. We have to give them opportunities to persevere. We have to teach them how to think. We have to help fill the gaps technology is creating, believing wholeheartedly that we can make a difference. Technology may be here to stay but so are parents and both play a major role in our teen’s lives.

If you don’t know where to start with tackling technology, you’re holding a book that will give you the direction you need.  At our Hearts at Home conferences, Dr. Kathy Koch’s workshops are standing room only. She has dedicated her life to understanding kids and helping their parents do the same. Screens and Teens will give you hope and hope is the fuel that keeps us going as parents.

You can connect with your teens in a wireless world.  This book will help you find out how!


What about you? Have you noticed anything different about this generation of kids? As a parent, how are you handling technology in your home? 

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