Last Thursday was the final day of the Ultimate Blog Party.  What a great week it was getting to meet some wonderful moms and find some wonderful new blogs!

I decided to draw one extra winner for the Professionalizing Motherhood books I was giving away from those who participated in our Day 7 discussion.  So we have three winners:

  • Olivia (liv_bert)
  • Tammie (Tamfout)
  • Jenn (56093)

Congrats girls!  I’ll be sending you an email with specific directions for getting your book.

This week and next week, I want to do something different with my posts. I want us to look at a different concept of “living with less.”  Often we think of living with less having to do with finances.  But it’s so much more than that.

Living with less is also about slowing down (less activities) and simplifying (less stuff).  It’s about slowing our pace of activities so we can increase our capacity for relationships, increase our gratitude, and increase our patience.

Each day for this week and next, I’m going to suggest one simple way to slow down and enjoy the life around you.  The choice is yours whether you participate or not.  However, if you choose to participate, I’d love hear about your experience.

Anybody with me?

Today’s strategy for slowing down is this: Sit outside (or where you can see outside if it’s too cold to actually be outside) by yourself (if possible!) for 5 minutes.  You may have to wait for naptime or when your husband comes home to be able to be alone.  If you work, consider stopping for 5 minutes at a park on your way home.

Gaze at the trees, listen to the birds, marvel at the flowers that are peeking up through the soil.  Look at the clouds, feel the breeze on your face, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin if it’s shining.  Notice the things you would usually not see, take a deep breath, and silently thank God for His creation.

If you’re so inclined to take today’s challenge, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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