Here in Illinois we’re covered in a blanket of white.  I heard that last Friday 49 of the 50 United States had snow!  Hawaii was the only state that did not have snow on Friday. 

If you’re not used to snow and the accompanying cold, or if you’re very accustomed to it but need a few new ideas, here are some fun ideas to have the kids try:

  • Blow bubbles when the temperature is below freezing.  The bubbles become like thin glass balls.  They are fascinating to watch and fun to break.
  • Give the kids spray bottles of colored water.  Let them create artwork on the white canvas of snow.  My friend Becky knows a mom who gives her kids spraybottles of colored water and they create colored snowmen with each section of the snowman spraypainted a different color. 
  • Build a snow house (see picture).  This year we found a snow block maker and the boys have had a blast with it.  But a variety of Tupperware sizes and shapes will work fine, too!

What ideas do you have to share with other snowbound moms?

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