There are an endless number of times in a day when I have the chance to get it right, or get it wrong! They’re everywhere from the challenging, “Was I patient with my teen?” to the basics, “Did I floss before bed?” I mean, really, it’s crazy when you think of all the areas we strive to be our best at taking care of ourselves and our family – and the times that we fall short.

That’s why I’m convinced that being the best mom or wife or friend or anything is not about always getting it right….it’s more about accepting that I won’t. And, ya know, now that my children are nearly all grown up, I hope their memories of me aren’t so much about what I did right or wrong, but that I did my best.

I’m working on my next Hearts at Home book which is currently titled No More Perfect Moms.  It will take a look at the “perfection infection” that keeps us loaded with judgment and guilt we heap on ourselves and others.  I hope to help us learn to be moms of grace, love, and forgiveness who do our best without expecting perfection.

As I’m writing this book, I’m going to need your input!

Today’s question is this: What do you think is the opposite of perfection?  

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