Our family is doing something new this summer. We’ve joined a CSA: Community Sponsored Agriculture. This spring a friend shared that she’d been doing a CSA for a couple of years. I’d never heard of such a thing! Maybe you haven’t either so I thought I’d share it with you.

A CSA is run by a local farmer who allows people to purchase a share of his garden harvest. Every Tuesday we go to a local pick up point to pick up our garden share that has been picked fresh that day. Our particular CSA runs for 26 weeks from the last week of May through Thanksgiving. That’s fresh, local-grown vegetables for 1/2 of the year!

The most interesting part of a CSA is getting vegetables you’ve never even heard of. Last week we got sorrel and argula, both vegetables from the lettuce family. Thankfully the CSA also gives you a recipe book that includes several recipes for every vegetable you receive throughout the year! I’ve been trying a ton of new recipes…some we like and some we don’t.

What’s the cost? Our CSA was a $400 share which works out to be about $15/week. I’m buying less at the grocery store because of it. We’re also eating better! Other CSA’s run for less weeks and cost less. Here’s our share for this week:

We have rhubarb, a head of lettuce, radishes, green garlic, green onions, a bag of spinach, mizuna, and pizzo mustard. Yes, we’ve never heard of some of those vegetables, but we’re enjoying trying something new every week!

While it’s probably too late to get in on a CSA this summer, it’s something you might want to think about for the future. You can simply google “CSA” or “Community Sponsored Agriculture” to find one in your area. Our CSA can be found online at www.henrysfarm.com.

I’m curious…have you heard of a CSA? Participated in one? Let me hear your thoughts!

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